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News and updates from friends
FosterGem keeps an archive of all the links and articles shared by your friends on social media like Twitter and Facebook.


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News, sports, movies, Music, Politics, technology, fashion, lifestyle, etc.


Follow other users

Follow friends and other users having common interests.


FosterGem digest

Missed the recent events and current affairs due to holiday? Now get updated with FosterGem digest instantly.


Save to read later

Save or bookmark any article to read later. You can even save it for offline reading.

Geo-location updates
Discover contents that are specific to your city and neighbourhood.

FosterGem connects you to other people having similar interests by adapting to the content you read, and the actions you take.

Find what your friends and buddies are reading and finding useful.

The more engaged you are, the more it will learn what interests you and better will be your feed.

Create groups and have private conversation among your friend circle on any articles.

Get your interest specific feeds

Smart Reader

FosterGem smart reader removes all the clutters from a web page and present you the articles to read.

Social Sharing

Share the articles you like with your facebook friends, twitter followers or on whatsapp.


FosterGem recommends new articles specifically tailored to your interests .

Vote Up

You can upvote any articles which you like. After that in future similar articles will be given more preference in your feed.

No need to surf internet, information will come to you.Great app! I use it regularly to keep myself updated with recent updates and stories of my interest.

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