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FosterGem is a socialised content discovery platform which helps you to stay updated with all the recent updates of your interest from around the web .

There are millions of websites and blogs on the web. Millions of new articles and blog posts are added every day. Its very difficult to discover new contents of our interest through search engines or social media in real time. This problem has motivated us to build a platform which can help us to discover the new contents of our interests being posted on the web in real time.

Good is the enemy of great. And we want to build a great product.

FosterGem Team

Our super team
Work with the best.

Neel Kamal
BIT Mesra (2009-13)
Built FosterGem from scratch single handely (Android & IOS apps, website, browser extensions, AI).

CMO And Tech Analyst

Raj Kamal Ankit

Tech Evangelist

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Front End DeveloperHTML, CSS, JavaSript (jquery and angular.js)
Back End DeveloperData Structures, Algorithms, MySql, Redis, C/C++/Java/PHP/Python/node.js
Machine Learning Interest in Machine learning