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How to add tweets, Facebook or Instagram posts in your post on FosterGem?

If you want to add tweets in your post then follow this guide.

1. Go to the tweet you want to add and click on down arrow on right hand side. After clicking you will get multiple options like "copy link to tweet", Embed tweet, etc. Click on Embed tweet as shown in image above. Once you click on embed tweet you will get the code as shown in image below

2. Copy the code and come back to FosterGem editor where you are writing your post. Click on the "source" button in your editor as shown in the image below

Once the "source" button is higlighted as shown in the pic below, paste the code that you copied from twitter.

Now click on the "source" button again and continue writing you post. 

To get the code from facebook post : Go to facebook post you want to add and click on three dots as shown in the pic below

Click on "Embed " you will get the code like this

Copy the code and add paste it in FosterGem editor (after clicking source button in editor).


To get the code from instagram post : go to instagram post and click on three dots on the right side of "add a comment" text box as shown in below pic

Once you click, you will get options like this

Click on embed button to get the code



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FOSTERGEM — One Stop Solution to All Your Content Related Problems

If you want to read an article or news of your interest what do you do? Browse the web? Search through Facebook or Twitter by following the pages and content shared by those in your friends list? But these platforms are filled with content that is fraught with noise and too generic. This doesn’t serve the purpose for which we are browsing the content.

In the present world, where every day is a challenge, it is very difficult to keep ourselves updated with the latest and the most happening development in the various fields that interests us. Many a times, we miss out on important updates and news in the fields of our interest due to all the unwanted data surrounding the content available in the various social media platforms and the internet. It can be really frustrating and mind-boggling, when the content available to you is not tailor-made to suit your specific interests and likings. This is the direction, where the future of content discovery is headed.

How Does FosterGem Offer A One Stop Solution?


On FosterGem, you can follow any of your interest and we will deliver quality content on the same. You can read articles that your friends are reading, minus all the noise and also share the same with your friends and people with similar interests.

We, at FosterGem, are building a discovery engine that not only understands what you want, but also delivers it to you before you start searching for it specifically. We have, in total, 26 interest groups as of now. We will soon be launching 50 interest groups which cater to a broad category of interests and around 20 subcategories in each of these 50 categories. Each of these subcategories, in turn, has millions of keywords generated by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Download our mobile app to stay updated.


At the time of sign up, we ask you to choose the categories and subcategories of your choice and interest. This helps us to deliver, only those content, that is of interest to you.


Next, on the basis of what you are reading, bookmarking, up voting and storing to read later, we determine the subcategory of the content which interests you in the various categories you had chosen. We are, thus, able to provide you feed of only those contents that interest you.

For example, if you are interested in the category “Startups and Entrepreneurship” then your feed will list all the articles related to this category of interest group that has been published on that particular day as well as the previous days. The subcategory in this can be marketing, finance and so on, based on your interests, up-votes and bookmarks.

As mentioned before, most of the people discover contents through social media which is too noisy and generic. FosterGem cuts down the noise and brings the best content for you. Presently, people use Nuzzel for this purpose but they focus only on news.

On other content discovery platforms and apps you will have to follow keywords individually which can be very tiresome and overwhelming. To solve this issue, we have created the 50 interest groups which in turn will have 20 subcategories each and millions of keywords in each of those subcategories.

Thus, in our FosterGem, you need not enter all the keywords manually. For example, if you are interested in cricket, then there is no need to search for all the articles related to cricket manually. You just have to select the interest group “Sports” and on the basis of your up-votes and bookmarks, we determine the subcategories that you are interested in such as cricket. You can also customize your sports related feed by following only the “cricket” subcategory. Hence, if you have subscribed to only “cricket” as subcategory then you will receive feed related mainly to cricket and not any other sports.

The idea, though not unique, answers a very old problem of delivering quality content and we believe FosterGem is the best solution out there.