Stop CPEC now: Baloch leaders to China

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GENEVA/TORONTO: On the day the supreme body of the Communist Party of China met for its 19th Congress in Beijing, the Baloch leadership in exile issued a strong warning to China to stop the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) or face on the ground consequences.Abdul Nawaz Bugti, senior Baloch human rights activist and representative of Baloch Republican Party at the United Nations Human Rights Council issued a statement aimed at China, saying "The statement of Secretary Mattis vindicates our stance on the so-called China Pakistan Economic Corridor that it is not only a illegal project because of the fact that it passes through and exploits PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) and Balochistan, but also because it has resulted in massive human rights abuses in these territories.Calling upon China to honour international norms on disputed territory Abdul Nawaz Bugti said Beijing must realise the mistake it is making as further work on the CPEC will lead to a stronger Baloch rebellion.Then, addressing the U.S. Bugti said "Being a super power and the most influential player in the region, it is the responsibility of the United States to play its due role to stop the massive injustices committed by China and Pakistan against indigenous people, in this case the CPEC."


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