Haley to Press UN Security Council on Iran After Trump Decision - Bloomberg

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Nikki Haley will seek to focus world attention on Iran’s actions in the Middle East in an early test of whether President Donald Trump’s toughening position on the Islamic Republic is alienating allies and leaving the U.S. isolated internationally.Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, will use a Wednesday Security Council meeting on “the situation in the Middle East" to once again take on Tehran’s ballistic-missile program and its support for Hezbollah and Syrian ruler Bashar Al-Assad, while the majority of other participants will try to keep the focus on Israeli-Palestinian issues, especially settlements in the West Bank.The meeting will be the first public effort to gauge international support for the U.S. position on Iran after Trump declined to certify a 2015 nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, on Oct. 13.Despite Trump’s criticisms, U.S. allies have said they continue to back the agreement, pointing to International Atomic Energy Agency assessments that Iran has met the terms spelled out in the accord.The agreement, negotiated during the Obama administration, was intended to ease economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for restrictions on its nuclear program.Read a QuickTake Q&A on how Trump wants to build a new nuclear dealEurope’s position hasn’t changed since Trump’s speech, said Olof Skoog, Sweden’s ambassador to the UN.In July, she helped persuade France, Germany and the U.K. to sign a letter of protest to the Security Council about Iran’s “threatening and provocative” launch of a rocket that can carry a satellite into space.But this time, France and the U.K. have signaled they will focus less on Iran and more on the Israeli-Palestinian situation.“For


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